4 Dating Tips For Women

The delicate dance of emotions and being in a relationship always seems so simple on paper. If it is so simple, then why are there entire libraries of books on the subject, and an entire division of the field of psychology devoted to dealing with the myriad of issues born from the endless struggles that come from trying to be involved with another human being. Magazines and newspaper  will throw out little tidbits of advice like “be honest” and “be sure to communicate your needs,” but his secret obsession review explains that it is just not that black and white in real life. Here are four tips for women that you haven’t already been told, and may just help you keep your partner in the game for the long haul.

1) Admit Your Flaws

People may not talk about it, and it’s one of the hardest things in the world for people to do sometimes, but you have to be ready, willing and most importantly able to see and admit to your own flaws. We’re not talking about the superficial admission that you know you sometimes snore, or that you know you’re not physically perfect. Admitting to these obvious is not only unnecessary, it’s just plain counter productive. It doesn’t really take much to tell someone something they already know, but when you really dig down and look at yourself you may come to see what’s causing you trouble.

2) Have an Open Sexual Mentality

This one may have been said before but it’s usually taken a little more playfully then perhaps it should be. People who have been married and had a family and been together for decades sometimes still manage to keep certain things from their partners. The truth is that it’s the of silent killer for many relationships. The point of this mindset is to create a complete honesty between two people. When your partner knows, not thinks and not assumes, but knows that they can tell you everything about their needs you’ll find your relationship moving to a new level.

3) Make Your Partner Feel Strong

Many sources will tell you not to belittle your partner, but they don’t often tell you to go out of your way to make them feel stronger. Lover’s always crave the approval of their other half. A subtle compliment from the person that you love and respect can make a person feel strong and special. Always look for ways to build up your partner’s confidence, and whether they know it or not they’ll thank you for it.

4) Find Someone You Don’t Need to Change

This is a tough one and very few sources will have the courage to tell you this out right, but there is simply no reason to be with someone that does not meet your needs. Most will tell you to be open to change and compromise. While that is very true, there is a vast difference between naturally compromising on a decision about where to live or what to have for dinner, and allowing yourself to think that you can change another human being’s basic personality.

People are meant to support each other, and yes you have to accept that people aren’t perfect, but if you are sitting in a relationship that you know you’re unhappy with and thinking that you will change someone’s mental state then you should stop and really think if that’s the right person for you. You’re aren’t meant to be your partner’s psychologist, savior, parent or life coach. There are a lot of fish in the sea, and you can find one that fits the bill as they are.