Diabetes foods to eat and what to avoid

With a changing lifestyle, there has been a significant rise in lifestyle related diseases. Diabetes is one of the more widespread of such diseases affecting more than 300 million of the world’s populations. Not only so, basing on World Health Organization statistics, more than seven hundred million of the world’s population will be suffering from diabetes by the year 2030. While there exists various factors that triggers the onset of diabetes, being obese and observing a poor exercising regimen are the leading causes. Why? They result to build up of excess blood sugar that is directly linked to diabetes. If you have got diabetes, the food you eat matters a great. Eating the wrong types of food could make the diabetes worse and its management hard. For this, the great question is: Which food categories fits a person suffering from diabetes then? To assist you out, this article runs you through the foods that will help in managing the diabetes.

Foods you should eat

1) Beans proteins- these provide high quality protein and enough amounts of soluble fiber. Combining beans with low quality carbohydrates such as refined grains helps stabilize the blood sugar and as a result, help keep diabetes in check.

2)Lean meat-consuming lean meat that is either roasted, baked or grilled is a great way to furnish the body with needed proteins. Fish meat is an especially fitting source of protein since it has no fat. Fish can also be taken with protein-rich vegetables such as lentils to make a balanced diet.

3) Whole grains- Research has shown that consuming whole grains often lowers the risks of heart diseases, high blood pressure and most importantly, decimates the risk of type II diabetes. They are thus a suiting meal for those suffering from diabetes and even those who want to lower the chances of getting it-which should be all of us. Whole grains such as wheat and brown rice contains minerals, fiber, phytonutrients as well as vitamins thus fitting for an all balanced meal.

4) Low carbohydrate fruits- for years, fruits have always been a source of essential vitamins. But while many have sucrose which is harmful for those with diabetes, there are some that have low content of carbohydrates and lack sucrose. Such include almonds fruits, that have low carbohydrates but they possess magnesium and monounsaturated fats in plentiful. According research by Harvard University, magnesium helps lower the risk of developing diabetes by up to 33 percent.

5) Starch free vegetables-it’s no brainer that consumption of starch in large amounts increases blood sugar level in the body. Opting to consume starch free vegetables such as broccoli, peppers and spinach helps supply high-quality carbohydrates to the body.

6) The egg white- The eggs are a great source of protein. While the inner yellow part may cause rise in cholesterol levels, the white part is an ideal source of high-quality lean protein. It also has low carbohydrate supply thus keeps blood sugar controlled.

Foods to avoid

By all means, exclude high carbohydrate foods from your diets. Such foods include raisins, refined carbohydrates, candies, fruit juices, deep fried foods such as French fries, dairy products especially whole milk, cream cheese and high-fat yoghurt.

In summary

Effective management of diabetes starts with eating the right types of foods and in the right quantity. And just as eating the right food is imperative for those with diabetes, it also important to those who aren’t affected for it helps lower the risk of diabetes. Even though diabetes is a long life ailment, choosing the right type of diet will help lower its effects and result to a more fulfilling life.